Who we are

Founded in Madrid, Riera Real is a quite a young company, but our members have a long history. The company aims to combine quality and healthy innovation, to achieve extraordinary products to present to our customers.

Thanks to our experience, we can target the most demanding markets, not just at national level, but also in countries including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, USA, France, Canada, among others.

We work alongside official external laboratories that control and certify our quality and ensure that our products comply with the defined specifications, improving safety and quality continuously.

Riera Real works with a wide variety of formats, bulk tanks (25,000 l), IBC containers (1,000 l), barrels (220 l), drums 25 l, and BIB (Bag In Box) packaging for 20 l, 10 l, 5 l, 2 l, bottles of 5 l, 2 l, 1 l , 0.5 l, 0.25 l, miniatures – both bottles and one-dose packages…, we will study any alternatives required and are prepared to customise our products to your requirements.

Contact us

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