RIERA REAL is rigorous and demanding about its procedures, both internally and in relation to society in general. Our business is based on our principles of Responsibility, Honesty, Integrity and Commitment, which allow us to foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships in the all five areas we believe are fundamental:


Our responsibility and commitment is reflected in the way we respond to their demands, offering healthy innovative products of high quality that are suitable for a balanced healthy diet in line with current lifestyle trends.


Working openly with members of society and offering different options for the most vulnerable groups, providing opportunities to associations with specific needs, thus facilitating their integration.


We aim to achieve a deep relationship based on respect and discipline, responding to the efforts made and supporting stable high-quality teamwork, so that everyone involved feels committed to the project and is rewarded for it.


Finally, we wouldn’t be responsible if we didn’t aim towards achieving sustainable growth, and thus provide an ongoing and ever growing response to the support offered by investors and other business components, reinvesting part of our revenue in continued improvement.


Building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, that make them profitable and sustainable, and also following suppliers’ guidelines and requirements and applying these to our processes.


We offer you a range of products which have been kept in the best conditions so that they preserve all their qualities and maintain the quality parameters required. To this end, we follow strict processes:

  • Periodic control of Suppliers that must comply with requirements to obtain HACCP approval
  • We are subject to regular audits by an external company
  • Batch traceability from our manufacturers
  • HACCP management system


Some of our products are available in the following special form

  • Organic, with KOSHER & HALAL certifications, combined with curative herbs, etc.
  • Gluten-free, suitable for celiacs.
  • GMO-free, free from genetically modified organisms
  • Health products, compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets…

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